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November 2014

An Introduction
MSCHE 2014 Periodic Review Report Outcomes: A Preview

December 2014

2014 Periodic Review Report Outcomes: A Snapshot
A Thought on the Upcoming Middle States Conference
MSCHE Conference Provides a Bridge between Today and Tomorrow
Fall 2014 Semester Closing Note to my Students
Will Sony’s Capitulation Have Far-Reaching Consequences?
Annual Institutional Effectiveness Reports

January 2015

Examining Data to Improve Student Learning
A Time to Stand for Free Expression
GAO Report on State Funding has Potential Academic and Accreditation Implications
Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King
GAO Report Discusses Accreditors

February 2015

Using a Diagnostic Exam to Help Measure Student Learning
Use of Clickers: Initial Thoughts
Finding Publicly Available High-Level Data for Higher Education
The Frigid February of 2015

March 2015

CUNY Workshop on Middle States Accreditation
New MSCHE Standards: V and VI Could Be the Most-Cited
Quiz Provides Early Student Learning Insights
A Mid-Term Tale
New York Botanical Garden’s Orchid Show Underway

April 2015

Former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke Launches a Blog
P&G, R&D, and Corporate Innovation
Poll: Higher Education is Very Important, Not Affordable
Strategic Management Class Simulation

May 2015

Assessment Network of New York’s 2015 Annual Conference
Lehman College Hosts President Obama’s Launch of an Initiative to Empower Minority Youth
Clickers in the Classroom
Spring 2015 Closing Note to my Students
Research Paper Feedback and Outcomes

June 2015

Bringing Historical Literacy to the Debate on Israel
Linking Academic and Unit Assessment
Student and Employer Survey Results on College Learning and Career Success
Learning from Business Failure
Common Framework for Competency-Based Education Programs Announced

July 2015

June 2015 MSCHE Self-Study Report Outcomes: A Snapshot
Rubio Lays Out Higher Education Vision: A Quick Look
2015 Self-Study Results and the New MSCHE Standards
Report Links Federal Aid to Changes in College Tuition
Higher Education Employment and Wage Trends (2011-2014)

August 2015

Education Secretary Calls for “New Focus” on Outcomes
MSCHE Publishes 2016 Edition of its Compliance Handbook
Clinton Proposes a ‘New College Compact’
Higher Education Employment and Wage Trends in New York State (2011-2014)
Using Loyalty Points to Help Finance Higher Education: A Canadian Innovation
A Research Paper Template

September 2015

Summer Nears an End
Puerto Rico’s Fiscal Challenges Will Likely Impact the University of Puerto Rico
Assessment Network of New York’s Fall 2015 Regional Event
More Evidence that Higher Education Matters

October 2015

New Report on Student Perceptions of College Worth
A Tale of a Bad Quiz
Alternative Accreditation Process Proposed
Fall 2015 ANNY Regional Event Concludes

November 2015

College Trustee Proposes De Facto Bidding Process to Hire Faculty
Post Mid-Term Exam Student Feedback
Solidarity with France
Dear Paris
Golden November in the Bronx
2015 Periodic Review Report Outcomes: A Snapshot

December 2015

2015 Periodic Review Report Cycle: Standard 3 Citations
The Trump Mystique: A Closer Examination
Fall 2015 Closing Note to My Students
A Final Exam Performance Measure

January 2016

Implementing a Group Work Requirement in Class
An Extraordinary December
Refocusing Assignments to Deal with Persistent Student Challenges
Due Diligence in Checking Out Publishers

February 2016

Federal Actions Directed at DeVry Education Group Provide Compliance-Related Insight
Early Assessment of Student Writing
Faculty Development Positively Impacts Student Learning
AAC&U Releases Survey on Learning Outcomes Assessment
2015 Periodic Review Report Results and the New MSCHE Standards

March 2016

A March Visit to the New York Botanical Garden
2016 Assessment Network of New York Conference
Quiz Provides Early Insight into New Homework Policy
Beginning of Semester Writing Assessment and Mid-Term Outcomes

April 2016

Grade Inflation Remains Widespread and Persistent
The Student Tracking Early Alert Retention (S.T.E.A.R.) System
Innovation in Assessment: 4th Annual ANNY Conference
Middle States Places a Growing Emphasis on Institutional Improvement and Innovation

May 2016

What is Good Assessment Practice?
Are Colleges and Universities Commodities or Something More?
Impressionism at the New York Botanical Garden
A Tale of Two Policies
Spring 2016 Semester Closing Note to My Students

June 2016

Stalled Dreams at Lehman College?
CUNY Appoints California State University Fullerton Provost as Lehman College President
Incoming Lehman College President on Improving Student Success
The Making of President Ricardo Fernández
Some Thoughts on Brexit
Department of Education Releases Accreditor Scorecards

July 2016

2016 Self Study Results: MSCHE Cites Requirements of Affiliation
2016 MSCHE Self-Study Report Outcomes
Democratic and Republican Platform Positions on Higher Education
Reducing the Risk of Plagiarism in the Classroom

August 2016

MSCHE Standard 2,3,and 7 Insights from the 2016 Self-Study Reports
A Trip to Iceland
Lehman College Launches Self-Study Process
Middle States Announces 2016 Annual Conference
Fall 2016 Semester Opening Note to My Students

September 2016

Diagnostic Exam Writing Component and Subsequent Exam Performance
ITT Closure Highlights Importance of Compliance
Middle States Provides Further Insight into its Revised Accreditation Process
Department of Education Moves to Withdraw ACICS’ Recognition
Fall 2016 ANNY Conference

October 2016

The Passing of Shimon Peres: A Reflection
Middle States Self-Study Institute: A Preview
Nobel Prize in Economics Awarded for Contract Theory
Assessment Network of New York Holds Regional Conference at Lehman College
Autumn Sky

November 2016

CIP Schools Share Insights at the Self-Study Institute
A Trump Presidency: Two Hints for Higher Education Policy
Useful Links for Finding Federal Policy and Legislative Information
Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Betsy DeVos to Head the Department of Education
2016 Periodic Review Report Outcomes: A Snapshot

December 2016

Middle States Holds 2016 Annual Conference This Week
The PRR: Rising MSCHE Standard 3 Citations
Fall 2016 Semester Closing Note to My Students
Looking Ahead to 2017: Some Thoughts

January 2017

Assessment of Educational Effectiveness Expectations: 2016 Self-Study Outcomes
New York Governor Announces ‘Tuition-free Public College’ Initiative
Spring 2017 Beginning of Semester Note to My Students
DeVos Testifies during Education Secretary Confirmation Hearings
Facts and Alternatives to Facts

February 2017

Spring 2017 Diagnostic Exam Writing Outcomes
Changeable Weather
Homework Follow-Up
Spring 2017 ANNY Annual Conference

March 2017

Record Warm February
CUNY Assessment Council Presentation on Assessment for Student Affairs
Trump Administration’s Budget Outline: Impact on Higher Education
New Accreditation and Process Changes Approved by MSCHE Members

April 2017

MSCHE Holds Peer Review Workshop
ANNY Holds 2017 Annual Conference
Summer Preview in April
Middle States Vice President Visits Lehman College

May 2017

Lack of Labor Market Awareness May Impact Major Selection in Community Colleges
An Introduction to Lehman College’s Interactive Fact Book
Spring 2017 Semester Closing Note to My Students
Team Work, Problem-Solving, and Communication Skills Remain In Demand by Employers
Trump Administration’s FY 2018 Budget: Higher Education Outlays

June 2017

U.S. Abdicates from the Paris Climate Change Accord
Wall Street Journal: Many Colleges Fail to Improve Critical-Thinking Skills
Critical-Thinking Success Begins with Institutional Missions
Puerto Rico’s Fiscal Crisis Impacts University of Puerto Rico System
Select Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates for the NYC-Jersey City-White Plains Area

July 2017

June 2017 MSCHE Self Study Report Outcomes
The Struggle to Sustain America’s Free Press
June 2017 Self Study Report Outcomes: Standard VI Issues
June 2017 Self Study Report Outcomes: Standard V Issues
IMF: Routinization Intensity is Biggest Factor in Erosion of Labor’s Share of Income

August 2017

A Dark Day in Charlottesville
The President’s Tragic Choice
Fall 2017 Beginning of Semester Note to My Students

September 2017

Harvey, Business Risk, and Strategic Management
Getting Students Off to a Fast Start on Homework
Diagnostic Exam Snapshot
Summer Yields to Fall, Leaving Memories Behind

October 2017

President Cruz Discusses “90×30” Initiative at Fall Convocation
Fall 2017 ANNY Regional Conference
An Example of Learning
IMF World Economic Outlook Discusses Climate Change Impacts
Scenes from a Record Warm October

November 2017

2017 Assessment Network of New York Regional Conference
Record Warm October Contributes to Late Monarch Sightings in New York Metro Area
House Tax Bill Reduce Access to Higher Education for Some
2017 Periodic Review Report Outcomes: A Snapshot

December 2017

MSCHE Standard V Citations for November 2017
MSCHE Conference Covers Wide Range of Topics
MSCHE Standard VI Citations for November 2017
Homework Completion and Exam Performance

January 2018

A Frigid Start to the New Year
The Long Freeze of Late December 2017-Early January 2018
“I Have a Dream…”
Spring 2018 Beginning of Semester Note to My Students
Useful Links on the Flu

February 2018

Upcoming Lehman College Assessment Workshops
Research and Writing
Winter Stages a Brief Return to the NYC Metro Area
Historic February Warmth of February 21, 2018

March 2018

What is Good Assessment?
Fake News Spreads Faster
Middle States Town Hall
Spring 2018 Arrives in Wintry Fashion

April 2018

Supporting the Student Learning Experience
Assessment Network of New York 2018 Annual Conference
Spring Meets Winter in April 2018
2018 ANNY Conference
BLS Releases Latest College Enrollment and Work Activity Data

May 2018

Employment Data Still Show Value of a College Degree
Building a Framework for Effective AES Assessment
Spring 2018 Semester Closing Note to My Students
Middle States Training Videos

June 2018

Higher Education Act Reauthorization Appears Unlikely This Year
President Trump Assaults U.S. Allies, Undermines Existing World Order
University of Chicago Drops SAT and ACT Requirements
Trump Administration Proposes Education-Labor Department Combination

July 2018

Latest Accreditor Dashboard Information Made Available
2018 MSCHE Self-Study Report Outcomes
Standard III Citations
Standard V Citations
Standard VI Citations

August 2018

Standard II Citations
Standard IV Citations
Standard VII Citations
Fall 2018 Beginning of Semester Note to My Students

September 2018

A Visit to the Yale University Art Gallery
Survey of Employers Reveals Important Learning Outcomes and Gaps in Achievement
A Glance at Information Literacy
Another Abnormally Warm September Nears Its Conclusion

October 2018

Abnormally Warm September Concludes
A Visit to the Tanah Lot Temple
ANNY Holds Regional Conference
Useful Links for Finding Federal Data, Policy, and Legislative Information related to Higher Education
Scenes from the Season’s First Nor’easter

November 2018

Some Scenes from Autumn 2018
Promoting a Culture of Shared Assessment Results
Record Early-Season Snowstorm Blankets New York City
A Thanksgiving Day Tradition Ends

December 2018

On Assessment
Orban Government Evicts Central European University
The Rapidly Disappearing History B.A.
Fall 2018 Semester Closing Note to My Students
A New Year’s Wish
One Small Step for AlphaZero, One Giant Leap for Artificial Intelligence

January 2019

Ongoing Shutdown May Have Early Financial Aid Impacts
The Labor Market for Recent College Graduates
The Urgency of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Message Today
Spring 2019 Beginning of Semester Note to My Students

February 2019

Arctic Cold Front Brings Brief Whiteout to Lehman Campus
Engaging Students in the Digital Age
Light Snowfall Provides Picturesque Scenes
New York Botanical Garden’s Annual Orchid Show Commences

March 2019

CUNY MSCHE Council Hosts Institutional Effectiveness Workshop
Fast-Growth Occupational Areas in New York State
Yet Another Terrorist Attack; Good People Must Respond
Assessment Network of New York’s Annual Conference

April 2019

A Pre Mid-Term Exam “Visioning” Exercise
Middle States Self-Study Team Visits Lehman College
2019 ANNY Conference Concludes
The Debate over Assessment Intensifies
NBER Study Analyzes For-Profit College Outcomes

May 2019

Assessment Unpacked Workshop
Lehman College Holds “Assessment Unpacked” Workshop
Spring Transitions
Spring 2019 Semester Closing Note to My Students

June 2019

Commencement Marred by Anti-Israel Political Statement
Rising Share of Undergraduates Come from Poor Families, Minority Groups
U.S. Department of Education Proposes Accreditation Rules Changes
Additional Disclosures Under the DOE’s Regulatory Changes

July 2019

Corpse Flower Blooms at the New York Botanical Garden
MSCHE Reports Self-Study Outcomes
A Visit to Sagamore Hill
Two Most Common Standard III Citations
Two Most Common Standard I Citations

August 2019

Most Common Standard VII Citations
Most Common Standard VI Citations
Most Common Standard V Citations
Fall 2019 Beginning of Semester Note to My Students

September 2019

Most Common Standard IV Citations
Most Common Standard II Citations
Anchorage’s Record Warm Summer of 2019
Outline Feedback
Declining Arctic Sea Ice Extent

October 2019

Historic Autumn Heat Shatters Records
Assessment Network of New York’s 2019 Regional Conference
ANNY Holds Fall 2019 Regional Conference
Remnants of Tropical Storm Olga Bring Heavy Rains

November 2019

Chrysanthemum Show at the New York Botanical Garden
SF Fed Holds Climate Change Conference
Flu Activity on the Increase
2019 MSCHE Annual Conference

December 2019

Season’s First Snow Whitens NYC Suburbs
MSCHE 2019 Annual Conference Kicks Off
Leadership Failure in Madrid
Fall 2019 Semester Closing Note to My Students
Happy New Year

January 2020

Australian Bush Fires are yet Another Symptom of Climate Change
A Case Study on the Effects of Institutional Behaviors on Persistence and Degree Completion
Record Warmth Brings Out Frogs in the NYC Area
Spring 2020 Beginning of Semester Note to My Students

February 2020

Xenophobia is Never a “Normal” Reaction
Student Perceptions Concerning Higher Education and the Labor Market
Measuring Higher Education’s External Effectiveness
Another Mild February is Concluding

March 2020

Focusing Student Research
COVID-19/Novel Coronavirus Resources
The Covid-19 Pandemic Moves In
The Long Coronavirus Winter Is Underway
Scenes from the New York Botanical Garden’s 2020 Orchid Show

April 2020

April Commences in the Midst of a Pandemic
The COVID-19 Pandemic May Have Reached its Apex in New York State
Two Countries, Two Choices, Two Outcomes
A COVID-19 Chronicle

May 2020

A COVID-19 Chronicle, Part 2
Winter Pays a Visit During May
End of Semester Closing Note to My Students
Memorial Day 2020

June 2020

Thank You
Hamilton’s Profound Question Gains Urgency Today
Silence in the Face of Abuse
Constitutional Retrogression in the United States
Science Gives the Nation its Best Hope to Overcome COVID-19

July 2020

MSCHE March-June 2020 Self-Study Decisions
Tropical Storm Fay Moves through the New York City Region
Disturbing Developments in Portland
Disturbing Developments in Portland, Part 2

August 2020

New York Botanical Garden Reopens
Tropical Storm Isaias Batters New York Area
Sign of the Times
Most Common Standard V Citations
Tropical Storm Isaias Inflicts Leaf Burn

September 2020

Phoenix Records Its Hottest Summer on Record
Phoenix Experiences Record Heat to Start September
Most Common Standard VI Citations
Phoenix’s Summer High Temperatures: How Well Did the Climate Models Perform?

October 2020

Phoenix’s Long Summer of 2020 Extends through September
Chrysanthemums on Display at the New York Botanical Garden
Assessment Network of New York’s Holds Regional Conference
Early Voting Kicks Off

November 2020

Election 2020: A Time for Change
A Moment of Joy and Hope
Peak Fall Colors in New York City
CUNY Assessment/CUNY Office of Academic Affairs Release Assessment 101
Thanksgiving Day 2020

December 2020

Warmest November on Record in New York City
U.S. Supreme Court Delivers Victory for American Electorate
New York City Area Hit by Major Snowstorm
Holiday Cards 2020

January 2021

2020’s Unfinished Business
Coup Attempt in Washington
Decisive Action Must Follow the Failed Coup Attempt
Impeachment was Intended for a President like Trump
President Biden Displays Character of Past Presidents

February 2021

Major Snowstorm to Bury the New York City Area
Another Snowstorm Blankets the New York City Region
American Republican Party Abandons the U.S. Constitution
Lehman College Holds Strategic Plan Town Hall

March 2021

Assessment Workshop on Rubrics
Signs of Spring at the New York Botanical Garden
New York Botanical Garden’s Spotlight on Orchids
Early Spring at the New York Botanical Garden
White Supremacy Remains a Cancer on the Nation’s Soul

April 2021

Spring at the New York Botanical Garden
The Journey through Spring Continues
Assessment Network of New York’s Annual Conference Commences
Historic Day for Flight

May 2021

The Journey through Spring Continues
Lehman College Participates in the Kosovo Higher Education Alumni Event
The Journey through Spring Continues
CAOs Survey Provides Insight into COVID-19 Impact
Public Higher Education Institutions Face Fiscal Uncertainty

June 2021

End of a Journey through Spring
Annular Eclipse
#ShowYourStripes Monday
Was an Opportunity to Address Climate Change Sacrificed on the Altar of Bipartisanship?

July 2021

Climate Change Leading to Warmer Nights in Phoenix
Climate Change Brings World Record Reliable Temperature to Death Valley
Daylilies in Bloom at the New York Botanical Garden
Mourning in Morning

August 2021

Vaccination is Imperative
PCC Releases Climate Change Report
American Disgrace
Henri Brings Flooding
New York Botanical Garden Remains in Bloom following Henri

September 2021

This Flood Was Brought to You, in Part, by ExxonMobil
Can a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Strengthen Efforts to Address Climate Change?
Summer Concludes
Media Coverage of Climate Change

October 2021

Warm Start to October
Another Fall Day at Robert Moses State Park
Lehman College Holds Student Success Summit

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