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NYC Has Its Snowiest Week of the Winter


New York City saw its snowiest week of the winter, at least so far. During February 11-17, snowfall amounts included:

New York City-Central Park: 5.2”
New York City-JFK Airport: 10.4”
New York City-LaGuardia Airport: 6.6”

Snowfall occurred on February 13th and February 17th. The February 17th snowfall was a “near miss” for a bigger event, as an intense quasi-stationary snow band developed and stretched from eastern Pennsylvania across central New Jersey. Parts of New York City were grazed by the band that produced 13.0” at Holland Twp in New Jersey. Staten Island recorded a 10.0” amount. JFK Airport saw 6.2”.

With Central Park’s picking up only 2.0” of snow, that was the lowest figure on record there when JFK Airport had seen 6.0” or more of snow. The previous record of 4.2” was set on February 23, 1987 when JFK Airport received 6.1” of snow.

February 13, 2024

February 17, 2024