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MSCHE Reports Self-Study Outcomes


The Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) published the Self-Study Report outcomes following the Commission’s meeting of June 27. The Commission reached decisions on the findings from 44 reports and team visits. In 19 (43%) cases, institutions received some kind of follow-up. In four (21%) follow-up cases, institutions received sanctions (warnings or probation).

Number of submitted reports/team reports reviewed by the Commission on June 27: 44
Number of follow-up cases: 19 (43% institutions submitting Self-Study Reports)

Citations by Accreditation Standard were as follows:

Standard I: 11% follow-up cases
Standard II: 11% follow-up cases
Standard III: 5% follow-up cases
Standard IV: 11% follow-up cases
Standard V: 53% follow-up cases
Standard VI: 74% follow-up cases
Standard VII: 21% follow-up cases

The number of Accreditation Standards per institution receiving follow-up were as follows:

1 standard: 42% of follow-up cases
2 standards: 42% of follow-up cases
3 standards: 5% of follow-up cases
4 standards: 11% follow-up cases

Average: 1.8 standards per institution with follow-up

Additional details will be documented in this blog in coming weeks.