Standard I and II Follow-up: 2020-2023


When it comes to follow-up for Accreditation Standards I and II, MSCHE has cited assessment-related issues with high frequency for both standards. The most common issues for both standards are listed below:

Standard I: Mission and Goals:

  • Alignment of the institution’s mission and goals: 60%
  • Periodic assessment of the relevancy and effectiveness of the institution’s mission and goals: 40%

Standard II: Ethics and Integrity:

  • Campus climate that fosters respect among all constituencies: 58%
  • Compliance with all applicable federal, state, and Commission policies and regulations: 42%
  • Periodic assessment of the effectiveness of institutional policies and procedures: 42%

2 thoughts on “Standard I and II Follow-up: 2020-2023

  1. Jack Gong

    Hey, thanks for the update on the Accreditation Standards follow-up. Looks like keeping our mission goals aligned and fostering respect on campus are big deals. Regular check-ins and staying compliant seem super important to keep things on track.

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