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Most Common Standard VI Citations


The Middle States Commission on Higher Education’s Standard VI concerns an institution’s planning, resources and institutional improvement. Standard VI is typically the second most widely cited standard and sometimes the most widely-cited standard for follow-up. During March and June 2020, 83% of follow-up cases involved Standard VI (among other standards).

Under the standards that were adopted in 2014, the most common reasons for follow-up under Standard VI are:

  • Alignment/Linkage of planning processes, resources, and structures: 38% of Standard VI follow-up cases
  • Steps taken to improve the institution’s short- and long-term viability/finances: 28% of Standard VI follow-up cases
  • Institution’s resources are sufficient to fulfill its mission and goals/information confirming financial viability: 21% of Standard VI follow-up cases
  • Use of assessment results linked to planning, budgeting, and resource allocation: 19% of Standard VI follow-up cases
  • Enrollment management planning linked to the budget: 17% of Standard VI follow-up cases