Most Common Standard IV Citations


The Middle States Commission on Higher Education’s Standard IV concerns an institution’s support of the student experience. Under the new accreditation process, Standard IV has not yet been widely cited for follow-up. During June 2019, 11% of follow-up cases involved Standard IV (among other standards).

Under the standards that were adopted in 2014, the most common reasons for follow-up under Standard IV are:

  • Assessment of programs supporting the student learning experience: 75% of Standard IV follow-up cases
  • Clearly stated policies, processes and programs to admit, retain and facilitate the success of students: 13% of Standard IV follow-up cases
  • Process by which students who are not adequately prepared for study are identified, placed, and supported: 13% of Standard IV follow-up cases

In 75% of cases, follow-up occurred in conjunction with the Annual Institutional Update (AIU). 13% of cases involved a supplemental information report and 13% cases concerned a warning and monitoring report.