Earthquake and Aftershocks Rattle NYC Area


Friday, April 5, 2024 saw the New York City Area experience its strongest earthquake since 1884 and fourth strongest on record. The earthquake was centered at Whitehouse Station, New Jersey and registered Magnitude 4.8. The earthquake occurred at a depth of 4.7 km at 10:23:20 am EDT.

The quake started with a sharp jolt, which was followed by rapid shaking that lasted 10-15 seconds. Some residents reported that the temblor knocked pictures off their walls. People as far away as Virginia and New Brunswick in Canada felt the earthquake. Ahead of the quake, some dogs reacted seconds before the shaking occurred.

At 10:29:58 am EDT, the first aftershock (Magnitude 2.6) occurred. By 8:00 pm EDT on Saturday, there had been 34 aftershocks. Nine of those aftershocks measured Magnitude 2.0 or above, including a fairly sharp aftershock of Magnitude 3.8.

Earthquakes of 4.0 or above are infrequent but not unknown in the New York City Area. The most recent earthquake was the ninth on record.