Exceptional Heat Intrudes into September


If the world needed a reminder that climate change is leading to a lengthening of the hot season, the opening of September 2023 provided it. Numerous monthly records were set in the southern United States.

Select September records:
Abilene: 108°
Deming, NM: 103°
El Paso: 106°
Sterling, VA: 100°
Tucson: 111°
Wichita Falls, TX: 112°

Following its hottest summer on record, Phoenix recorded its highest temperature so late in the season on September 9 (114°) and September 10 (113°). Phoenix also recorded its latest 90° low temperature on September 10.

In the Northeast, Baltimore, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC were among cities recording a September heatwave. Baltimore experienced its most intense September heatwave on record with a 5-day average high temperature of 98.8°. Philadelphia went through its longest September heatwave on record with the temperature reaching or exceeding 90° on seven consecutive days.

Across the Atlantic Ocean, the United Kingdom experienced 7 consecutive high temperatures of 30°C (86°F) for the first time on record. More than 200 monthly record high temperatures were toppled in France, some on multiple days.

The heat will now recede in the southern United States. It will do so after records were not just edged, but totally demolished.

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