Memorial Day 2020


On this day, we honor all who gave their lives in the nation’s wars so that we could live and be free. Many monuments have been erected to these courageous warriors who paid the supreme price for us. They deserve all that and much more.

Today, we should also remember a new generation of warriors who gave their lives so that we could live: our nation’s medical personnel, first responders, and other essential workers. They fought a war that was fought all across the nation against an invisible enemy. That virus targeted everybody everywhere in the most indiscriminate fashion.

We should also remember the local businesses that have already fallen—some fairly young, others long-time presences in the community. The hearts of communities everywhere bear unspeakable grief for what has already been lost.

At the same time, these losses have not been in vain. There will be a better future. That has been the story of humanity since the dawn of history. That story will go on. Many more chapters remain to be written. Those chapters will again be filled with the substance that makes life precious and living so fulfilling. Group gatherings, laughter among playing children, restaurants bustling with activity with all kinds of wonderful aromas spilling out onto the streets, and nail and hair salons beautifying the world one person at a time, will again become a part of life and living.

But before then, we remember all who have made the supreme sacrifice for us in the ongoing war against COVID-19. We owe them more than we can ever pay. Simple genuine respect is the least we can offer on this Memorial Day.