MSCHE March-June 2020 Self-Study Decisions


The Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) published the Self-Study Report outcomes following the Commission’s meeting of June 25. On account of the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous self-study evaluations were delayed.

The purpose of this brief analysis is to identify areas in which institutions have opportunity for improvement as it relates to accreditation expectations. This brief analysis covers the cumulative self-study decisions reached by the Commission on March 5, 2020 and June 25, 2020. Four (25%) of the evaluations were conducted virtually. One of those four virtual visits resulted in follow-up.

In total, the Commission reached decisions on 16 reports. In 7 (44%) cases, institutions received some kind of follow-up. The 2018-2020 average is 48%. In two (29%) follow-up cases, institutions received sanctions (warnings or probation). The three-year moving average for sanctions is 22%. In both those cases, warnings were issued.

Distribution of Citations by Accreditation Standard:

Citations as a Percentage of Follow-up Cases:

Number of Accreditation Standards Cited per Institution receiving Follow-up:

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