New York City’s Record Warm Start to November


On early Sunday morning, the clocks were turned back one hour to mark the return of Standard Time. However, with Saturday’s 76° high temperature and Sunday’s daily record-breaking 75° high temperature, the calendar was turned back to mid-September in New York City. The first week of November headed toward smashing the record for the warmest start to the month. The three previous highest mean temperature averages were:

62.4°, 2015
61.6°, 1975
61.1°, 1938

November 2015 was followed by the warmest December on record. In stark contrast, 1938 saw 12.8” of snow fall during November 24-27. While November 2022’s ending remains to be seen, one has witnessed sunrises similar to those of late summer and lilacs have started to bloom.

Sunrise (November 6, 2022)

Hyacinth Lilac (November 6, 2022)