November’s ‘Summer Fling’ has Ended


Rain associated with the remnants of Hurricane Nicole—a rare November hurricane that made landfall in Florida—yielded to partly sunny skies and record-challenging and record-breaking warmth in the New York City area on Saturday. As a result, the New York City area experienced another November day where shorts and short sleaves were the appropriate attire.

Although the warmth hung on into the very early hours of Sunday morning—with a temperature of 61° after midnight, a strong cold front moved across the region. In the larger hemispheric pattern, a historically strong Eastern Pacific Oscillation (EPO) block was forecast to develop, enhanced, in part, by ongoing Arctic amplification. Thus, North America would be flooded with cold air bringing a decisive end to November’s ‘summer fling.’

Early this morning, the temperature dipped below 40° in New York City’s Central Park for the first time this season. Only 1938 (November 15) had a later first sub-40° temperature.