Most Common Standard VII Citations


The Middle States Commission on Higher Education’s Standard VII concerns an institution’s governance, leadership, and administration. Standard VII is an often cited standard for follow-up. During June 2019, 21% of follow-up cases involved Standard VII (among other standards).

Under the standards that were adopted in 2014, the most common reasons for follow-up under Standard VII are:

  • Periodic assessment of the Board’s performance and effectiveness of its procedures: 33% of Standard VII follow-up cases
  • Clearly articulated/transparent governance structure that outlines roles and responsibilities: 25% of Standard VII follow-up cases
  • Periodic assessment of the effectiveness of governance, leadership, and administration: 17% of Standard VII follow-up cases

In 75% of cases, follow-up occurred in conjunction with the Annual Institutional Update (AIU). 17% of cases involved a supplemental information report and 8% of cases involved probation and a monitoring report.

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