A COVID-19 Chronicle


In the midst of a severe pandemic that grinds on seemingly without end and in the face of the deep unknown, one can find indications of dignity, strength, concern for others, helpful advice for coping with the ongoing pandemic, and generosity in local communities. This short chronicle provides a glimpse of the spirit found in one section of Larchmont, NY, a small village that lies just over 20 miles outside of New York City in Westchester County.

Point of Disruption:

“It has become clear there is a serious and rapid change in our public health landscape. We need to be abundantly cautious to ensure the safety of our families and to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus that threatens our health system.” (Wasabi Restaurant)

“Due to the virus, we will be closed this week.” (Angel Nails)

“We will be closed until (to be determined) due to the Covid-19 virus…” (D’Agostino Clothiers & Tailoring)

Concern and Determination:

“Our top priority is (and always will be) the health and wellbeing of our community.” (Vision of Tomorrow)

“Our number one priority is the health and safety of our clients and community.” (Shear Artistry Hair Salon)

“Stay safe all.” (D’Agostino Clothiers & Tailoring)

“Be safe!!! New York Strong” (Tauru Majeure Cosmetics)

“This is a challenging time for us all, however, this is a strong community and we can get through this together.” (Vision of Tomorrow)

…there is always tomorrow, we’ve all been through tough times before with prayers, hope and faith we will make it through together. (Gisèle’s Salon)

“Should you need someone to talk to I am only a phone call away, I will be checking in… I am always here for you. (Gisèle’s Salon)

Safety Advice:

“Please remember to take all your precautions in staying healthy and safe.” (Gisèle’s Salon)

“Please keep vigilant in taking care of yourselves and your loved ones…” (Vision of Tomorrow)

“Masks required by order of the Larchmont Fire Department” (Village Paint Supply)

“Without face mask, no service” (Manor Park Delicatessen)

Food and Supplies Available:

“Open daily for take-out” (Sherwood’s Bar & Grill)

“We are open for take-out… Food, drinks, + beer” (Carlyn’s Cove)

“We are open. We’re an essential community business and we will remain open to serve your needs #WereInThisTogether” (Foley Hardware)

“We sell face mask[s]” (Futterman’s Stationery)

Advice for Coping with the Pandemic:

“Be strong and look for the positive and take this time to enjoy our loved ones and activities we are always too busy to indulge!” (Decoration Day)

“Do take this time to do something you enjoy, w[h]ether it be doing your crossword puzzles, or painting, dancing or singing out loud, watching a movie or reading a book, sewing or knitting maybe crocheting… should you not be able to visit with your loved ones you still have FaceTime or calling your family and friends… Stay connected and reach out to those who are alone and in need for someone to talk to.” (Gisèle’s Salon)

“As for moms and dads who are taking care of your children and working from home, enjoy this time you have with them, these are special gifted times to you.” (Gisèle’s Salon)

In the close of its commentary, Decoration Day, an interior design business, expressed perhaps the universal sentiment of this difficult period, “We wish everyone the very best and look forward to the time this pandemic will [be] behind us and we resume our lives and all work together for a bright future.”

That future will come. The pandemic will end. We will make it. As Gisèle reminded us in her salon’s note to its clients and friends, “there is always tomorrow” and that “we will make it through together.”

“I can’t wait until we see each other again to celebrate life together and share our stories,” Gisèle concluded, closing her note with “love” for her salon’s clients and friends.

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