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Marchers Call for and End to the Fossil Fuel Era


Under deep blue skies and brilliant sunshine, approximately 75,000 marchers called for an end to the fossil fuel era in New York City. Among other things, the demonstrators called climate change denial a threat to children, urged President Biden to declare a climate emergency, and sought an end to fossil fuel subsidies.

This demonstration, and similar ones across the world, come as Summer 2023 went on to become the warmest on record globally. The summer was marked by unrelenting heat that melted records in the southern United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, among other places. Winter provided little respite from unseasonable heat in southern Africa and South America. Floods hammered cities in many parts of the world, including in Libya where at least 11,300 persons lost their lives.

While advocates of delay suggest that fossil fuels are essential, the youth have framed the issue as one of treating human lives and livelihoods as expendable in order to maintain the use of a highly destructive source of energy. More climate change action is likely in coming days.

Four photos from today’s demonstration: