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Major Snowstorm to Bury the New York City Area


A major snowstorm is poised to bury New York City and the surrounding region under one foot or more of wind-driven snow. Should the forecast verify, it will be the sixth such storm since 2010. With climate change enhancing the moisture content and leading to much warmer ocean waters along the Atlantic coastline, there has been an increase in the frequency of major winter storms in recent years.

Photos from the five aforementioned 12” or greater snowstorms since 2010 are below:

February 25-26, 2010: 20.9”

December 26-27, 2010: 20.0”

January 26-27, 2011: 19.0”

February 13-14, 2014: 12.5”

January 22-24, 2016: 27.5”

January 22-24, 2016: 27.5”