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A Visit to Maine


Recently, I had the occasion to visit central Maine. I spent time at Bar Harbor and also hiked in the Acadia National Park. A few observations follow.

Summers are warming albeit more slowly than in many parts of the United States. During 1961-1990, Bangor’s mean summer temperature was 65.9°. During the most recent base period (1991-2020), the summer average had increased to 66.9°.

Climate change has also led to a warming of the waters off the coast of Maine, along with periodic marine heatwaves. This had had an impact on numerous species. Fish have migrated northward. Great White Sharks have begun moving into the waters off coastal Maine. There are fewer birds such as Puffins.

There were also some positive observations. Solar power is growing. Small- to medium-sized solar farms had been constructed near highways and on numerous fields. There were radio ads encouraging people to hook up to solar-generated electricity. Lobster fishermen, in common recognition of their shared fate in lobster harvests, had adopted sustainable practices whereby lobsters that are smaller than a given size or bigger than a given size must be thrown back into the water. At the same time, females with eggs must be returned to the water.

Finally, some photos from my trip follow.

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park

Bar Harbor, Maine

Egg Rock Lighthouse (Bar Harbor, Maine)

Rainbow (Stetson, Maine)