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New York City Area Sees November Snowflakes


On Sunday, November 28th, New York City and its surrounding region saw some periods of light snow and flurries. Streets became wet. Graupel covered some of the dirt and leaves. With the exception of Newark, where 0.1” was recorded, no measurable amounts fell. The first measurable snowfall typically occurs in December:

Bridgeport: Normal: December 3; Winter 2020-21: December 16
Islip: Normal: December 10; Winter 2020-21: December 16
New York City: Normal: December 13; Winter 2020-21: December 16
Newark: Normal: December 9; Winter 2020-21: December 9; Winter 2021-22: November 28

Out West, Denver, which normally sees its first measurable snowfall on October 18 is still waiting. Its wait has set a new record and it will likely see its absence of measurable snowfall extend into December. For reference, Denver’s earliest measurable snowfall occurred on September 3, 1961. Its latest first measurable snowfall of the season occurred on November 21, 1934.