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AI Art Composition


Despite a growing number of warning signs that the state of the Earth is gradually sliding toward a more unstable state and potentially a new more hostile climate, humanity remains embarked on a course that remains close to a status quo business-as-usual course. This potentially tragic course has been made possible by aging leaders who lack conception of the future or courage to pursue policies with long-term benefit coupled with a profitable fossil fuel enterprises that have a long history of misleading on climate change all the while they destroy the climate and Earth’s ecosystems.

The below artwork was generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to call attention to the reality that humanity risks losing much of what has made the Earth a unique planet teeming with an abundance of life. The gold represents how precious a livable planet and its ecosystems are. The snow and ice represent the fragility of the Earth’s ecosystems. The fractals illustrate how simplicity has been the building block of complexity.