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June 2017 MSCHE Self Study Report Outcomes


On June 29, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) posted the Self Study Report outcomes for 34 of the 36 (94%) colleges and universities whose reports were submitted ahead of the Commission’s June 22 meeting. The outcomes for the remaining two institutions will be posted on July 12. The posted results included those for 12 of the 14 (86%) Collaborative Implementation Project (CIP) schools that piloted the new MSCHE accreditation standards. The results for one of those schools will be posted on July 12. The other will likely be posted following the Commission’s November 16 meeting.

Slightly more than half of the reports resulted in some degree of follow-up requests. 18 (53%) required follow up or additional reporting to accompany the institution’s Annual Institutional Update.

Select data is below:

Most-Frequently Cited MSCHE Standards:

The CIP institutions proved to be stronger than non-CIP schools when it came to Standards V (Educational Effectiveness Assessment) and VI (Planning, Resources, and Institutional Improvement.

CIP Institutions vs. All Other Institutions (June 2017):