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Homework Follow-Up


During the course of the semester, students in my BBA 407 Strategic Management course receive feedback on their homework assignments. Both the assignments and solutions are posted on Blackboard.

The class also receives a periodic homework data report that provides among the following data:

  • Submission rates by assignment
  • An average submission rate for the semester
  • The percentage of students completing assignments (ranging from completing all assignments to missing all assignments)

In addition, the short report highlights more challenging questions. The solution is provided, a breakdown of how students addressed the question is given, and additional insight related to the question is provided.

The purposes of this short report are to encourage students to complete assignments and to provide additional feedback on patterns of responses. Information related to student responses can provide students to consider why they or others addressed a question in a given fashion. In doing so, it can reinforce the student learning process, especially when it comes to questions that require synthesis of information and critical reasoning. Additional exposure to the content and patterns of responses can facilitate the process by which students identify and address a variety of problems.

Response patterns can also provide feedback to the instructor. Such information allows the instructor to address learning barriers and offer a more tailored approach in the classroom.