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Summer Yields to Fall, Leaving Memories Behind


In “Sonnet 18,” Shakespeare observed, “…summer’s lease hath all too short a date…”

With days already growing shorter, classes having commenced, and announcements of registration for ice skating lessons being sent to children, the just concluded summer might well be described as having been too short.

Nevertheless, perceptions notwithstanding, the summer left its own distinct memories in its wake. Stunning sunrises, glorious flowers of all varieties, deep blue skies along the water of the Long Island Sound or Atlantic Ocean, and even a hint of fury from an offshore hurricane defined the most recent summer.

Some select photos that provide a glimpse of summer’s eternally beautiful face follow:


The East River

Summer blossoms

On the Long Island Sound

Feeder band from offshore Hurricane Jose brings a heavy downpour

Finally, on the first weekend of fall, the frequently recycled and just as frequently debunked rumor concerning the mythical Planet X’s or Nibiru’s smashing into the earth did not come to pass. What did materialize was a gorgeous sunrise followed by summerlike warmth.

Jones Beach