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Assessment Workshop on Rubrics


On Friday, February 26, Amanda Sisselman-Borgia of the Department of Social Work and LaRose Parris of Africana Studies provided a workshop on rubrics featuring both AAC&U rubrics and rubrics they developed in-house. Among other reasons for the use of rubrics, they explained:

  • Rubrics encourage healthy conversation about curricular expectations for faculty and staff – a starting point!
  • Rubrics create an ongoing dialogue about assignments and assessment.
  • Rubrics provide a concrete measure of evaluating student performance.
  • Rubrics allow for full curricular transparency between students and faculty.
  • Rubrics may allow for greater objectivity during the grading process.
  • Rubrics establish an evaluative standard in the classroom.

In the near-term, the entire presentation will be posted on the Lehman College assessment website.