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Standard V Citations


Since the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) implemented its new accreditation standards, a wide range of Standard V (Educational Effectiveness Assessment) issues have been flagged for further reporting in conjunction with the Annual Institutional Update (AIU). In nearly 22% cases, such citations have led to warnings or probation.

Standard V states:

Assessment of student learning and achievement demonstrates that the institution’s students have accomplished educational goals consistent with their program of study, degree level, the institution’s mission, and appropriate expectations for institutions of higher education..

Standard V institutional and degree/program learning goals, the carrying out of assessment by faculty and/or other appropriate professionals, the use of assessment results to improve educational effectiveness, and the periodic assessment of the effectiveness of educational effectiveness assessment processes. The most commonly cited issues are:

  • Organized, systematic, and sustainable assessment process for student learning goals: 51% of citations
  • Use of assessment results to improve teaching and learning/educational effectiveness/student achievement: 46% of citations
  • Sufficient support to sustain assessment and communicate assessment results: 8% of citations
  • Communication of assessment results to stakeholders: 8% of citations
  • Periodic assessment of the effectiveness of assessment processes: 8% of citations