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A COVID-19 Chronicle, Part 2


Last week, this blog provided a snapshot of messages from closed businesses in Larchmont, New York. Among the messages was an uplifting declaration from Vision of Tomorrow Salon and Spa to its customers and visitors that read, “This is a challenging time for us all, however, this is a strong community and we can get through this together.”

This week, the focus is on New Rochelle, New York, specifically the one square mile area that New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a “Containment Zone” on March 10. At that time, the community of 77,912 people had reported 108 cases of the novel coronavirus, meaning that approximately 1-in-721 residents had been infected.

As one enters the area, one finds a sign signaling community strength:

Just as had been the case in Larchmont, the local businesses posted a variety of messages to their customers. Some of those messages follow. Often, the prevailing assumption was a quick re-opening.

“Please wash/sanitize hands when immediately entering.” (Rand Realty)

“Stay Safe! Stay Home! See You Soon!” (Vogue Nails)

“Due to the rise of the coronavirus in our community, we want to keep our staff at home & prevent unknown exposure. Having to be in close contact & hand to hand contact cause fear & anxiety. We will be closed March 11, Wednesday to March 18, Wednesday. We hope our customers & friends stay safe & prevent! ♥Tiffany’s Nail Fam” (Tiffany’s Spa & Nails)

“We are aware of the current situation embodying the COVID-19 outbreak. We are doing everything we can not to jeopardize any of our customers’ hygiene and health, including sanitizing counter-top with Clorox wipes, virus-free alcohol spraying every hanger, daily washing delivery bas, training employees, etc.” (Wykagyl Dry Cleaners)


“We will be closed from March 15th, 2020 to March 22nd, 2020. We really apologize for the inconvience (sic) this may cause! We will see you when we open on March 23rd, 2020!” (Sakana Japanese Cuisine)

“Temporarily closed. But you should still workout so reach out to us on our website or Facebook for info on our new virtual training & nutrition sessions.” (North End Fitness & Training)

“This branch is temporarily closed.” (Wells Fargo)

“Our clients and employee’s security are our priority. Although none of the staff is infected, due to the COVID-19 virus Regency Studios will be operating outside of normal service hours with staff only coming in on an as need basis.” (Regency Studios)

“We have a plan for when Andrew Cuomo says that it is safe for us to reopen. We will be open 7 days a week to ensure that we can take care of all our clients… We plan on only allowing 2 clients to be attended at a time to prevent crowding and unsafe conditions… We will also be sanitizing the salon before and after every client.” (Hair Factor)

“Thank you to all on the front line. Rev Angela M Redman: Pastor” (New Rochelle United Methodist Church)

“Westchester Strong!!! Back it up Corona!!!” (Wykagyl Dry Cleaners)

“New Ro(e) Strong” banner on light post