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Introduction to the Craiyon AI Image Generator


Craiyon is among the growing number of Artificial Intelligence image generators becoming available to the general public. Craiyon was formerly Dall-E Mini. The site allows users to generate an unlimited number of images. The images can be used for personal, academic, or commercial use. The company does ask free users to credit the images to Craiyon.com, as is good practice whenever one is using or building upon work that should properly be cited.

One can develop images from a prompt. There appears to be little limitation on the kinds of images that can be developed—ranging from photographs (including macro or close-up shots) to a wide variety of painting styles (Impressionist, Modernist, Surrealist, Abstract, among others). One can also offer creative prompts that take one from the world as it is into the realm of the make-believe.

Below are nine images generated by Craiyon.