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Outline Feedback


Each semester, my BBA 407 Strategic Management class receives a group research project. The course syllabus contains the requirements and the rubric by which papers are scored. It also contains the date on which the initial outlines are due.

Ahead of the initial submission date for outlines, students attend one or two information literacy sessions at the Library. Such sessions familiarize students with numerous databases by which they can conduct high quality company and industry research. Students also get hands-on experience in finding materials that would be relevant to their papers.

Following the submission of the outlines, each group receives a marked up copy. In addition, a short presentation is provided to the class to discuss the quality of the outlines, common issues that arose, and guidance for how to proceed. Students are also asked to revise and resubmit outlines on an as needed basis.

Finally at the discussion of outlines, students are also provided greater insight into developing potential strategies based on the research they are conducting. They are provided with insights into how to assess the potential viability of strategies.