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Historic Early-Season Heatwave Scorches Europe


Parts of Europe saw their highest temperatures on record for June this weekend. France, Germany, Spain, among other countries were affected by the extreme heat. Some high temperatures included:

Basel, Switzerland: 96°
Berlin: 100°
Biarritz, France: 109°
Biscarosse, France: 107°
Cognac, France: 104°
Cottbus, Germany: 103°
Doksany, Czech Republic: 102°
Dresden: 100°
Geneva: 96°
Husinec, Czech Republic: 102°
Le Mans, France: 100°
Leipzig, Germany: 99°
Lindenberg, Germany: 100°
Paris: 98°
Pila, Poland: 99°
Pissos, France: 110°
Potsdam, Germany: 99°
Slubice, Poland: 101°
Strasbourg, France: 100°
Tours, France: 102°

Anthropogenic climate change has made such events more frequent and more intense.