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Vaccination is Imperative


In the United States, the percentage of eligible people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 has remained stubbornly below 50%. At the same time, the highly-contagious Delta variant of COVID-19 is now sweeping the nation. The number of new cases is exploding. The number of hospitalizations is growing. The risk of another awful wave of fatalities is increasing.

The COVID-19 vaccines are effective. They substantially limit one’s risk of contracting the virus. For those who do, they substantially limit the risk of serious illness or death.

Vehicle seatbelts don’t prevent auto accidents, but they save lives. After one has an accident, it’s too late to buckle one’s seatbelt in the vain hope of avoiding the injury that already occurred. Vaccines are “super seatbelts.” They limit the risk of contracting the virus. They also substantially limit serious health risks and mortality. Waiting until one has contracted COVID-19 is too late for one then to worry about receiving a vaccine. Receiving the vaccine before one has contracted the virus is essential. It is now urgent.

For those who are seeking more facts, below is the CDC’s link to vaccine-related information: