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New York Botanical Garden’s 20th Orchid Show is Underway


The New York Botanical Garden’s 20th orchid show kicked off on Saturday, February 18th to large crowds. The orchid show’s theme is “Natural Heritage.” The New York Botanical Garden explains:

Acclaimed artist Lily Kwong…presents a meditative and captivating design inspired by her ancestral connections to the natural world. Kwong’s vibrant and fantastical vision will envelop visitors in thousands of orchids, allowing them to reconnect to nature amidst picture perfect beauty.

Aside from the power and color of Ms. Kwong’s artistic expression, there is the story line of a woman coming home to the garden. Ms. Kwong, a graduate of Columbia University, had participated in the Garden’s adult education program. Now that she has become a renowned landscape designer, she returned to be featured in the crown jewel of among the world’s most famous botanical garden’s annual exhibitions. In addition to her landscape design, she works with the fashion industry to make their products more environmentally friendly.

Some photos from the show are below.