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The COVID-19 Pandemic May Have Reached its Apex in New York State


Another week has passed. The devastating toll inflicted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to mount. But there has been some encouraging news. The pandemic may have reached its peak in New York State.

As New York State and New York City continue to suffer mightily, the Winston Churchill’s words from his January 27, 1940 address are fitting. Churchill proclaimed:

We cannot tell what the course of that struggle will be, into what regions it will carry us, how long it will last, or who will fall by the way. But we are sure that in the end right will win… Let us go forward together… There is not a week, nor a day, nor an hour to lose.

In this case, the task forward for most of us is maintaining the social distancing that has begun to slow the spread of the terrible virus. At the front lines, health professionals wage daily struggle to secure the lives of those infected and hospitalized by the virus. Essential business ranging from grocery stores to transportation to postal delivery continue to ensure that life will go on.

Below are some scenes of an unrecognizable New York City:

Fifth Avenue looking south (Photographer: William Sutherland)

Deserted World Trade Center subway station (Photographer: William Sutherland)

Flatten the Curve (Photographer: William Sutherland)