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MSCHE Standard VI Citations for November 2017


At its November 16, 2017 meeting the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) began implementing both the Commission’s new standards and its new accreditation process in its response to the accreditation reports it had reviewed. All of the Periodic Report and Self-Study Report outcomes provided by the Commission were expressed in terms of seven accreditation standards.

The most cited standard was Standard VI: Planning, Resources, and Institutional Improvement. Requests for follow-up concerning Standard VI were allocated as follows:

  • Specific data to be provided in conjunction with the Annual Institutional Update (AIU) Report: 75%
  • Focused Report (with or without a small team visit to follow): 13%
    Warning/Monitoring Report: 13%

The five biggest areas within Standard V that drew MSCHE citations were:

  • Alignment/Linkage of planning, resources, and structures (Criteria 1 and 3): 44% of Standard VI follow-up requests
  • Use of assessment results linked to planning, budgeting, and resource allocation (Criterion 1): 25% of Standard VI follow-up requests
  • Institution’s resources are sufficient to fulfill its mission and goals (Criterion 4): 25% of Standard VI follow-up requests
  • Strategic plan/planning process that uses priorities, performance measures and use of assessment results (Criteria 4 and 6): 19% of Standard VI follow-up requests
  • Planning and improvement processes provide for constituent participation (Criterion 2): 19% of Standard VI follow-up requests